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Searching for Pest Control in Australia?

We are here to help you find a great pest control company. We provide hints and tips and things to consider when looking for a Pest Control company.


Things to consider before choosing a Pest Control company

1. What chemicals do they use?

If you are sensitive to chemicals or have pets you need to consider what chemicals the company uses. Once you have found out what products they use, then do some research online to find out if other people are talking about bad experiences with these or any research that has been done on the ingredients.


2. Warranty

Yes most pest control has a warranty, which can last for 1-12 months. Check with your company to find out what sort of warranties they provide. Most will require regular checking of the property to keep the warranty valid.


3. Do you need regular inspections?

Is it a one off job or do you need ongoing regular inspections or treatments? This can make a difference to the company that you use

We hope this has given you many ideas to consider when looking for a pest control company in Australia.


We have a directory of Pest service companies in Australia that may be able to help you. We don’t endorse or assess the companies on this website so we recommend that you use the tips above to find a company that meets your needs.


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