How to Keep Your Garage, Shed and Other Storage Areas Pest Free

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When you’ve got a space where you keep your things; even if this is a storage space you don’t visit often; you don’t want there to be any pests in these spaces. One of the worst things you could imagine would be to open up your shed, garage, or other space only to find rodents or some other type of vermin inside. Don’t fall into that trap. Follow these four tips for keeping your garage or shed pest and vermin free.


One of the biggest causes for pests or other vermin to infiltrate your space would be when you give them the reason to go there. Stop yourself and consider what would be one of the main reasons for mice, rats, bugs, birds, or any other wildlife to find their way into your space; one of the biggest reasons would be food. Don’t have any food there inside your shed, garage, or storage space; period. Even the smallest crumbs can bring through the visitors you don’t want.


What’s another reason that outside influence could want to come inside your space? It could be for shelter. Even if you live somewhere generally always pleasant weather wise, having a place to sleep, procreate, breed, or just explore which is largely undisturbed (as your space that you don’t visit too often may be) is a great thing for animals. Solve this problem by not giving them access. Find every crevice, every crack, and every area where something could get in from the outside and seal it up. Not only will your space be safer from outside influence but if this is an area that’s attached to your home (like an attic) doing a comprehensive sealing up could save you much money on your energy bills.


The other thing you want to do for your storage space is you want to keep it clean. If you didn’t clean before you moved in and have been having issues with intrusion, you may even need to go as far as pulling all your things out of the space and giving it a thorough scrub down. For those with present issues this may be a good idea anyway as you never know where some industrious animals found their way into your home of their own accord. Cleaning the space out will help you get to the bottom of this.

Up Off the Floor

A final idea to keep your storage space free from breach by critters is to get everything up off of the floor. This may sound impossible or strange but if you have your boxes or whatever is in storage up off the floor then this is a really easy way to spot the intruders. Get some shelving and see if you can’t elevate the contents of your storage space.

If you follow these four suggestions you should be able to make your storage space both clean and vermin free. If you have current infestation of unwanted critters and following these tips doesn’t curtail the problem you could have larger issues and need to speak with an exterminator.

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