Organic Pest Control Versus Chemical Pest Control

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As a homeowner, we naturally want to get rid of the pests in our home and garden, and one way of doing so is by using pest control methods. We can make use of organic and natural methods of getting rid of pests, or we can make use of chemical and artificial methods. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages though.

Organic Pest Control

In a nutshell, organic pest control simply means getting rid of pest the natural way. This includes making use of earth-friendly homemade sprays to get rid of garden pests that make a meal out of your vegetables and fruits. Classic examples of homemade sprays include vinegar and water mixture, peppermint spray, or spearmint spray. Other examples of organic pest control include traps and baits, placement of dog and cat hair for rodent control, spraying of synthetic dog and cat urine, installing chicken wire and fences around crops and vegetables, and even making use of natural predators to get rid of common household and garden pests.

Advantages: The main advantage of organic pest control is that it is very earth-friendly; meaning, it doesn’t do harm to the environment. If you use organic pest control for your vegetable and herb garden, then you can rest assured that you will have a healthier, safer, and tastier harvest since it is chemical-free. Last, organic pest control is also cost effective. After all, these are cheaper methods as compared to the use of chemicals.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of organic pest control is that it is a very labor intensive and time-consuming project. You will have to devote a lot of time and effort for it to be truly successful. The second disadvantage is that it produces a lower crop yield since organic pest control is oftentimes not enough to control all the pests in your vegetable garden. As for common household pests, organic pest control is sometimes also not enough to control their population.

Chemical Pest Control

As the name implies, chemical pest control makes use of chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides to get rid of the pests, be it common household pests or garden and vegetable pests. These products can be purchased in most hardware stores, and they are also being offered by most pest control companies.

Advantages: The biggest advantage of chemical pest control is that it is less time consuming and less labor intensive. The effects of the chemicals are instantaneous, too, as they can easily kill the pests upon contact. The effects are also long-lasting as well that long after the chemicals have been sprayed, the effects are still ongoing. It can still protect your home and garden for a long time and prevent pests from returning. Aside from this, chemical pest control also provides higher yields if you use them for your vegetables and crops. Last, they may be more expensive than organic pest control, but not that much.

Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage of chemical pest control is the damage it causes the environment. Chemicals not only harm fertile soil and clean water, but they also pose health risks to humans and animals. Also, chemical pest control not only kills the pests, but kills the beneficial insects as well.

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